The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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christopher pham
christopher pham 49 minuten geleden
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Katie Kirschbaum
Katie Kirschbaum 55 minuten geleden
The Mall of America is literally a COVID-19 vaccination site!
robotron17 Uur geleden
*Mandatory covid tracking is coming.* Do not accept it! If you do, it will never be removed, and you will NEVER be free again.
C C 2 uur geleden
we humans are just a horrible species - what we do to those poor helpless creatures is just disgusting - meat & dairy industries being the biggest culprits- we deserve all that's coming to us... .
Jomez 2 uur geleden
I'm scared
MrIamcrusty 2 uur geleden
You mean plandemic
Zaid Ortega
Zaid Ortega 2 uur geleden
Am I the only one that thinks they should have called this virus SARS 2 instead? Because then maybe people would have gotten their stuff together and treated COVID like the imminent threat it was.
GRANDEN AUTO 2 uur geleden
Salt Lake City
neoarmour 3 uur geleden
Just here for the latest leftist propaganda.
M.G 3 uur geleden
AJ Wang
AJ Wang 3 uur geleden
Love to show john。and we definitely could do more。however just counting back all the major pandemic there’s not that many originated on this continent。try not to name any nation in fear of being called a racist I try to point out there’s a certain part of Asia that had one too many Coronaviruses both SARS 1and SARS 2(COVID 19) just 17 years apart. Someone from our government really have to start and get that nation’s government to start doing it’s jobs. and stop their government officials from sending their sons and grandsons here to speed in our school zone with their Ferraris....
Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 3 uur geleden
they won't let the scam die
UptempoMusicLessons 4 uur geleden
And what can we do about? Eat plants instead of animals. Problem solved.
Troy Tyranitar
Troy Tyranitar 4 uur geleden
All I got from this video is "Be afraid, live in perpetual fear"
Krystyna Sosulski
Krystyna Sosulski 4 uur geleden
And a concerned scientist funded a gain of function research at Wuhan Institute of Virology. Coincidence?
justagirl070707 4 uur geleden
Thanks for the nightmare.
dajpufi sigekcus
dajpufi sigekcus 4 uur geleden
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Tom Wu
Tom Wu 5 uur geleden
what if this is how we get vampires?
Loren Bacala
Loren Bacala 5 uur geleden
B+ Keith Richards... well played sir
Mike Em
Mike Em 5 uur geleden
@7:29, hence why I'm in favor of population decline and why I never say congrats to anyone having more than one child, unless that child was adopted.
Billy Gollner
Billy Gollner 5 uur geleden
Scientists: "we need to treat animals better to prevent global pandemics" Humanity: "don't tell me how to live my life"
Sina Roughani
Sina Roughani 5 uur geleden
So you're saying go vegan, but your sponsors are telling you not to since they're complicit in this?
Sina Roughani
Sina Roughani 4 uur geleden
@punkinhoot All of that is BS and I'm just gonna suggest you do some research if you wanna present a good faith argument. But, to indulge you a little bit, I'd like to ask where those "essential" fatty acids come from because last time I checked, salmon don't have the enzyme in their metabolism to desaturate fatty acids at the ω terminal position. Last time I checked, broccoli does. So does the algae that the salmon eat. So I'm gonna skip out on the antibiotics they douse wild salmon with since, as you can guess, the regulations aren't there for the consumers.
punkinhoot 5 uur geleden
Vegan diets can be very low in those "essential fatty acids," found in eggs and fish. And a lot of "foods" labelled "vegan" are pretty disgusting/disturbing if you read the ingredients. Is like expecting words like "environmentally friendly," or "organic" to mean something either. If you prefer hydroponically grown vegetables, and expect they are free of chemicals and as nutritious as garden grown, you can do that. Just hope the water, either growth method, is free of giardia, I guess.
Phoenix 5 uur geleden
hey you leave johnny depp alone xD
renegade43 5 uur geleden
and at the end of the day....its all caused by, and will continue to be caused by, money, greed, and over population) per usual. **Watches the Steve Cutts short "Man" for the 134th time
Hugo St-Gelais
Hugo St-Gelais 6 uur geleden
Humanity is doomed!
Lagstorm 6 uur geleden
Human social systems have been around for over 50,000 years. Nothing we do as a society works for very long because of greed. This will never change. A.I. will not help either. Megatron was right!
Franco Cousins
Franco Cousins 6 uur geleden
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Carlos Almeida
Carlos Almeida 6 uur geleden
I wonder how a peasant in Thailand can afford data on their cell. And I can't in Canada??? Yes I'm online right now. But it is from home.
Carlos Almeida
Carlos Almeida 3 uur geleden
@punkinhoot Maybe so, maybe so.
punkinhoot 5 uur geleden
Did it ever occur to you that perhaps you are the peasant? Complaining about having to use your internet from home????
Kudoh Lol
Kudoh Lol 7 uur geleden
I miss when tv was entertainment and not salesmen for new world order. Remember when we used to live, and some people would die to things, and we would cherish their memories because life is beautiful, because its finite and our experiences are precious finite time memory's. Peppermint farm remembers.
Aegis Raven
Aegis Raven 7 uur geleden
Fyi there is some fake news here .their panic map is totally fake. Absolute bs. They're actually showing areas that are completely free of humans. Just lost all the respect I ever had for this guy.
Aegis Raven
Aegis Raven 3 uur geleden
@punkinhoot lmfao!! You early have no idea how big canada and russia are do you? Lmfao largely uninhabited kiddo!! Especially where that map shows ahabhaha you must be american!!! Hahahha
punkinhoot 5 uur geleden
What!??? Most of Canada is free of humans? Nobody working oil fields in Northern Russia either? Nobody is mining uranium anymore? Zinc, iron, silver, copper, if you don't see it it's ultraviolet, it isn't there? I guess there isn't a parasite that goes from salmon to bear, but can be intercepted by humans either, because you don't eat fish from Alaska? Because there are no humans there to work as fishermen?
E Nikata
E Nikata 7 uur geleden
So essentially we're not going to learn a bloody thing from this pandemic, then become shocked when the next one comes along that also kills millions of people and destroys economies. And be shocked when the next one hits, and the the next, because we don't seem to be able to learn a bloody thing.
perogieluver 8 uur geleden
I would kiss all those pigs
Don Corleone
Don Corleone 8 uur geleden
As of today 2.56 million people died worldwide from Covid. World population 7.674 billion. Deaths work out to .0003335% of total population. World wide deaths in 2019 as reported by WHO was 1.5 million for respiratory problems. This is an average per year. Why did we shut down the world for an extra million people ( who are probably part of the Covid deaths.
Kure Core
Kure Core 8 uur geleden
nature creates and erases thousand and thousand of viruses mutations monthly and there is till milions of viruses that live with us and we still dont know what they do...just sayin' I dont give shit about covid other than our country make prisoners from its people,destroying bussineses and with it the whole middle class... and steal our money aka "spending on pandemic efforts" , also next generations will have to pay for all this fun ... hi from Czech
Mohan Gurunathan
Mohan Gurunathan 8 uur geleden
As long as we continue raising and consuming animals in enormous quantities for food, we will be risking the next pandemic. If you really want to stop pandemics, go vegetarian.
punkinhoot 5 uur geleden
You didn't listen to the video, as you only heard what you wanted to, which wasn't what was said.....
punkinhoot 5 uur geleden
Not quite so simple. As population growth accelerates, so does the use of agricultural chemicals, as well as loss of best farmland to urban, now suburban sprawl. As farmers are pushed further into what was wild life areas, they are exposed to wild animals, bringing new germs into the mix. HIV is from monkeys, not cows. Nobody farms bats (I hope.)
Carter McLaughlin
Carter McLaughlin 9 uur geleden
Don't think for a moment that the D's will do anything for us. 911, 2008, & Covid all made the rich richer and the poor more powerless. disaster capitalism is a key weapon against us in the class war. Biden, Trump, the only difference is that Biden will accomplish more atrocities because the "left" is going back to brunch. Oh, look! we bombed Syria. Don't ever forget that Clinton passed Regan's NAFTA, the crime bill, and repealed glass-steagall. Obama bailed out the banks while enabling them to foreclose on homes, and Harris refused to prosecute mnuchin for his criminal banking practices in the recession.
Nico Hadad
Nico Hadad 9 uur geleden
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Teag Brohman
Teag Brohman 10 uur geleden
A Virus with the voice of Fix-it-Felix Jr. should not exist.
AbsentWithoutLeaving 10 uur geleden
Haha! John, locking in his "I told you so" cred early.
troy bowers
troy bowers 11 uur geleden
Anyone else noticed how much less funny the show is without the live studio audience? I always thought they were unnecessary, but apparently being reminded when you're supposed to laugh actually works.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 11 uur geleden
So glad this 🤡🤡🤡 left the UK...
Dallas Neudorf
Dallas Neudorf 12 uur geleden
Many scientist agree Mother Nature didn’t do this by herself.
minij hooi
minij hooi 12 uur geleden
"little goth mouse" is the best name for bats.
Mr S
Mr S 12 uur geleden
Bro I haven’t watched u in like 2 years but it looks like you aged 15 years WTF happened to u !?! I mean your shitty plastic surgery/ Botox/ filler isn’t doing you any favours 🤷‍♂️
GOOOD MORNING TRIBULATION! Heyoka vanilla injun 12 uur geleden
"we are the show we are" and were charging you subscribers money to buy 8 weeks of a free public show talkin about the second agenda to the plandemic like a good little hueman sellout puppet.
Wil G
Wil G 12 uur geleden
Boats are away from other people/diseases
minij hooi
minij hooi 12 uur geleden
supporters using the pandemic as an excuse to incite hate crimes. And that is very suspicious indeed.
Sam Latifi
Sam Latifi 12 uur geleden
Covid 19 was most likely leaked from a lab. Worth reading the New Yorker article.
Mariana Johnston
Mariana Johnston 12 uur geleden
Make a note: If Tom Hanks dies from a virus or disease, it was Oliver's plague.
uabir 12 uur geleden
This dude is from COMMUNITY
David Schmidt
David Schmidt 12 uur geleden
Be sure. A bug will get us all
Scott Harris
Scott Harris 12 uur geleden
A carnivorous surf board. 🤣
Ashley Messina
Ashley Messina 13 uur geleden
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Kiflaam 13 uur geleden
everything i watch, this is always the next video. Why? I already watched it.
X3 Dominator
X3 Dominator 13 uur geleden
I think you spelled Plandemic wrong
O.J. 13 uur geleden
the real pandemic is capitalism & social media
Maya Bowler-Spohnholz
Maya Bowler-Spohnholz 14 uur geleden
They’re not going to agree to spend money for prevention. That gets no visible reward.
the Sarkive
the Sarkive 14 uur geleden
Stop talking shit oliver the covid death rate is less than 1% which is the same as normal flu. You are 6 times more likely to die crossing the street or getting in a car. The fact this is still going is bullshit.
Leo Cieri
Leo Cieri 14 uur geleden
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Court Jester
Court Jester 16 uur geleden
It feels like Mother Nature is pissed at us
TheNorthHawk 17 uur geleden
'Also... The working title of this show'. Dude, I'm going to hell for laughing at that, but nobody does self deprecation quite like you.
J Roam
J Roam 17 uur geleden
It’s funny how white people are convinced COVID-19 originated in China. But have yet to provide evidence of this. The only evidence we do have is a bunch of racist Trump supporters using the pandemic as an excuse to incite hate crimes. And that is very suspicious indeed.
Data Nguyen
Data Nguyen 17 uur geleden
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R M 17 uur geleden
Bruh all these problems are a direct consequence to capitalism. ( Deforestation and factory farming for the animal agriculture industry, suburbanisation, over consumerism).
Matthew Harris-Levesque
Matthew Harris-Levesque 17 uur geleden
You guys need to fix the sound variations between your main frames and your outside clips. The bass EXPLODES every time you swap to a clip.
Lee 18 uur geleden
Good job grooming the population for the next virus. Who's paying this guy - Soros?
whiskey jack
whiskey jack 18 uur geleden
2026: Oliver's Plague has wiped out humanity
Pikapile 19 uur geleden
This one hit a bit different because it really did kill my grandma
tupac 7
tupac 7 19 uur geleden
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tupac 7
tupac 7 19 uur geleden
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Hallie Zhao
Hallie Zhao 20 uur geleden
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Benjamin Sneyd-Utting
Benjamin Sneyd-Utting 20 uur geleden
I'm beginning to think breeding and eating mammals en masse isn't the best idea...
punkinhoot 5 uur geleden
Who the heck has been breeding and eating monkey's and bats? How many white footed mice does it take to make a meal?
Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit 21 uur geleden
Most virusses is due to an overpopulation in one species, and its natures way to restore some sort of balance... Some of the best examples comes from large deer herds. Where the land no longer could substain the masses, so the weak got sick and spread and vola. On Another note. Most of the virusses originated in China where the population is booming in areas, leaving the poor in a even harder spot., And a great deal of bat species is on the red endangered list...
Alci Kelly
Alci Kelly 21 uur geleden
We're guano gone-o, friends
Amiri the Grey
Amiri the Grey 22 uur geleden
God damn won't someone just... do something?
Wagner Jonathan
Wagner Jonathan 22 uur geleden
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Jean-Philippe Legacy
Jean-Philippe Legacy 22 uur geleden
700 billion spent on US military. 30 billion is nothing compared to that..
Joseph 22 uur geleden
Get rid of factory farming. That’s the greatest solution that he chooses to ignore. I respect this guy but he needs to be honest here.
Joseph 4 uur geleden
@punkinhoot we currently grow enough food to feed the entire human population multiple times over. But instead we feed the food to over 80 billion much larger land animals that give us way less food in return. Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gasses then all transportation vehicles combined and that’s a fact. If you don’t believe me then do some research on it. The only reason animal products are affordable is because the government subsidizes them. 100 years ago meat was a luxury, now people think they need it in every meal. Eating a plant based lifestyle is the single biggest thing you can do to lower your environmental impact (if you don’t believe me then research it).
punkinhoot 5 uur geleden
We have factory farming so people can afford food, silly. That house in the suburbs genius here is writing from used to be farmland. Consider growing your own garden.
Max The Wolf
Max The Wolf 23 uur geleden
12:37 that so called "wet market" is actually in Bangkok, Thailand and most of them are "kinda" illegal but they get away by selling these exotic animals through bribing local authorities. Main selling point of these markets are just for pets but for food is extremely rare and might use word play to not appeared as "barbaric" to common shoppers. Surprisingly, most thais don't notice any of this possible risk from this kind of market in their own country even during the current pandemic.
Tarumarugan 23 uur geleden
We also can’t kill all bats because we need nightmare fuel to inspire our next generation of orphaned super heroes.
Janice Rideout
Janice Rideout 23 uur geleden
That poor crocodile is scared to f-ing death.
Aldo Enrique Alcázar García
Aldo Enrique Alcázar García 23 uur geleden
What a crap, blaming bats for scatter virus when they are essential polinizing the plants, all this virus was created into a lab, stop this shit.
punkinhoot 4 uur geleden
Bees pollinate plants. Bats eat fruit, or eat insects, depending on the species of bat. Vampire bats drink blood, they spread virus like crazy from species to species, depending on where last meal was from. rabies.
Pixel Rose
Pixel Rose 23 uur geleden
Sitting in my mask at work like, yes please, prevention would be nice.
punkinhoot 4 uur geleden
Sitting? What luxury! I walk so many miles a day I refuse to wear a pedometer, I don't want to know!
Alberto Herrera
Alberto Herrera 23 uur geleden
This video is garbage, I'm disappointed: "Wuhan might as well have been" where TheChineseCoronavirus started. You know it started there, but you wont say because you're scared they will tell you to remove your video, or block your channel in China. : You did not acknowledge the problem is eating meat, and the solution is stop eating meat. Im not even vegan and I recognize that. You bundled up with the rest of unreachable plans to stop pandemics, when it is in fact the only real (and very doable) solution. But you didn't say it because you're a coward and don't want your viewers to get "triggered" because they are meat eaters.
Sweaty Balls
Sweaty Balls 23 uur geleden
What a douche!
Gray S.
Gray S. Dag geleden
I used to guess english words before I came to Canada. Now, I understood every word he told me :)
Roses Andflour
Roses Andflour Dag geleden
Just shoot me already. What’s the point even
Justin Dag geleden
I'm a bit surprised that Oliver didn't mention the three bubonic plagues that hit Madagascar since 2000 killing a few hundred combined (and yes this is the same type of plague that hit Europe in the Middle Ages and the 1600's and hit China and India in the Victorian Era).
Aerial Williams
Aerial Williams Dag geleden
That "Et tu, Kinkajou?" line made me wish I could like this twice.
ColdestDantor Dag geleden
Just because you have a lot of stats does not mean you are right
Chris LaChance
Chris LaChance Dag geleden
The really scary elephant in the room is..... we are going ape shit crazy with antibacterial , antimicrobial cleaning products. Thus making virus and bacteria into super ones.
John Oliver is smart but these jokes are pure cringe in every single video..
TheNorthHawk 17 uur geleden
Eh, you watch it for its educational value more than for entertainment at this point.
MorganZoeArtist Dag geleden
A bat is a flying goth mouse.
Diadlo Dag geleden
Shelly Justice
Shelly Justice Dag geleden
No more money on weaponry, war, missiles... America can only survive by spending the money on EPIDEMIOLOGY!!!!!
David Westwater
David Westwater Dag geleden
Stop making new viruses in labs
Shelly Justice
Shelly Justice Dag geleden
This is where anyone can learn genuinely anything about anything , and it's all authentic! It's my favorite show and I need it in my life!!
Bryan Peterson
Bryan Peterson Dag geleden
Did anyone else watch this WHILE playing Animal Crossing and be a little bit horrified at the diversity of animals on their island?
little ticked off
little ticked off Dag geleden
how bout.... fuck off, people die, why tf do I need to be locked down
Anna Cot
Anna Cot Dag geleden
Worst show ever air on tv fake likes fake views everyone should know by now you can buy views and likes
Mike C
Mike C Dag geleden
This idiot wants us so scared that this is the new normal and the bad one is coming... well theres 8 billion people on earth liberals want more so yah we probably will get a bad one eventually... but listen to this shit... "fundamental social change" lol... yah. Theyre already trying to set the stage to keep power over us long after this pandemic ends. Authoritarian Left people, the real New Nazis.
Mike C
Mike C Dag geleden
You wont be allowed to spend time in nature you will need an authorization from an authority and piles of cash. But yes save the planet. We will be eating algae flakes, living in boxes and VR worlds, and the rich will be eating filet mignon while touring the amazon, fishing in haida gwaii, drinking fresh exotic fruit drinks and smoking cuban cigars on a sandy beach in the carribean waited on by supermodel sex slaves hand foot and mouth.
Mike C
Mike C Dag geleden
And watch... they are going to introduce laws and restrictions to make things like travel or other "luxuries" prohibitively complicated and unnaffordable... except for the rich elites and powerful. The middle and working class people will have more and more wealth sucked out of us and living with less and less while the rich will folic across the globe on planes and yachts living in mansions eating pricey meats and seafoods etc etc.
Mike C
Mike C Dag geleden
Get ready for permanent bans and restrictions.
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